Campbell Heights

TV, Broadband and mobile signals

The Campbell Heights properties have metal roofs which can cause problems for some digital signal receptions.

Television / radio

The Lease for these properties requires that satellite dishes are mounted so that they are not visible to passers-by.

This is not possible for the secured entry blocks because they face the wrong direction away from the transmitters.

Therefore a communal satellite dish has been provided for these properties. This communal dish is accessible for Sky satellite systems – which must be purchased by the user. If you have the correct system (digital receiver box) in place you will be able to have it connected to the communal dish and decide whether you want to have the free service (Freesat) or to purchase one of the Sky monthly payment packages. Contact Rachel Hopwood at AVuk  01279 508555 for information.

The 4 bed houses are able to have satellite dishes installed on their properties without them being visible to passers-by. Service providers will often instal these at no cost if you are signing up to receive their programmes.


1GB fibre broadband has been run each property. For further information and to complete installation then contact Hyperoptic.

Mobile telephones

At the time of printing this document, there are differences in levels of reception for mobile phone providers in this area.