Campbell Heights

Resolving problems

If an owner does not fulfil their responsibilities under the lease, then the management company will be forced to take action as follows:

Breach of Lease process

  1. First month - Keyholder issues an informal letter to the property owner advising of breach and asking them to rectify it.

  2. Second month – Keyholder issues formal letter advising if the breach is not rectified within 30 days an admin fee of £30 will be added to their service charge.

  3. Third month – the admin fee is applied. A further formal letter advising that a further £30 fee will be applied for every month that the breach is not rectified and the Board retain that the right to take legal action if appropriate.

  4. Legal action – this begins with a solicitor’s letter implementing Section 146 warning notice of intent to take back the lease.

Please note that this process may be accelerated if the Board deem it appropriate and necessary to do so.