Campbell Heights

Fire and smoke alarms

It is a legal requirement and a requirement of the buildings insurance that all the CHMC properties are fitted with working fire alarms on every floor.

The fire/smoke alarms in all the properties are highly sensitive to smoke and dust particles. They can be set off if they get very dusty or if an insect gets inside.

There is a fuse in the fusebox inside each property that controls the fire alarms – but they also have batteries in so that they still function if the power goes off.

If the alarm sounds and there is not a fire, you can make it stop and disable it by taking out the battery from each of the alarms as well as turning off the fuse.

In addition, the 3 bed houses and apartments have fire alarms fitted in their storage cupboard. These are controlled from a console in the foyer of the communal stairwell. These alarms sound in the communal stairwell. Owners who have these storage cupboards are asked to check their alarms regularly and to keep them cleaned to prevent them being set off by spiders and cobwebs etc.