Campbell Heights

About Campbell Heights

Campbell Heights is made up of two residential developments in Campbell Park, Central Milton Keynes. There are 22 odd-numbered properties at Highbury Lane and 30 even-numbered properties at Enterprise Lane. The properties are a mix of

These properties are all subject to a Lease and this is managed by Campbell Heights Management Company (CHMC), the freehold Landlord. All property owners are shareholders of CHMC and are eligible to become a Director of that company.

The CHMC Board of Directors meetings are every six weeks and property owners can ask them to discuss particular issues or they can attend the meetings, subject to reasonable advance notice being given via one of the Board members. 

All Owners and Residents are sent invitations to attend the CHMC Annual General Meeting (AGM). The CHMC accounts and annual report are discussed and agreed at the AGM and copies are circulated to all property Owners. 

The managing agent employed by CHMC is Keyholder Lettings & Management (Keyholder) whose main representative is Martin Westley. You will occasionally receive CHMC newsletters and other correspondence from Keyholder on behalf of CHMC.  It is intended that these newsletters will also be available on the website, in the password-protected area.

Access to Secured Entry blocks

Access to 3 bed houses and to the apartments is only available using a special key to access the block. Each owner of these properties is provided with 2 keys. More keys can be purchased through the managing agent, who control the key allocations. This ensures the security provisions for these properties and owners is maintained. The postal service also has a key so they can deliver mail.

Visitors should use the entry phone system keypad to dial the number of the property and then use the button with the “bell” symbol to call up. There is also a notice board by the door where messages can be left.