Campbell Heights

Rubbish and recycling

Rubbish and recycling

The rubbish collection days and the latest information about recycling can be found on the Milton Keynes Council web site.

If it is a public holiday, then the collection dates for rubbish will change.  You will normally receive a notice through the door or in the local newspaper about what has changed.  

The current arrangements are summarised here.

Material that can be re-cycled

Paper, aluminium tins, plastic boxes and bottles that are labelled with the re-cycle symbol.

Milton Keynes Council provides rolls of pink plastic bags for these items to be put into. You can get more of these bags from the Council offices on Silbury Boulevard.

These bags can be placed in one of the big communal pink bins that are sited in front of the undercroft parking areas. Normally the pink bin is emptied on Wednesday.

The Council will also collect pink bags of recycle rubbish from the bottom of the steps of the 4 bedroom houses, usually on Tuesday.

Garden and food waste

These can be placed in the green wheely bins which are supplied by MK Council.

These green wheely bins are emptied on Tuesday if they are placed at the front of your property (either at the bottom of the steps for 4 bed houses, or by the entrance gate for others). If you have a green wheely bin it should only be outside your property on collection day. It is a good idea to put your house number on it so you can identify your bin.

For the 3 bed houses and apartments, there are communal green wheely bins in the bin area, and there are small grey bins available from the Council that you can use to collect food waste in your kitchen, and then empty into the green bins.

Glass Bottles

These can be placed in the Blue wheely bin which is emptied by the Council regularly.

General Rubbish

4 bed houses can place their general rubbish in black bin bags, supplied by MK Council and leave these at the bottom of their external stairs for collection on Tuesday morning.

If you are going to be away on collection day it is better to put your rubbish in the communal bin so that it does not attract vermin.

3 bed houses and apartments place their general rubbish in the large (black) communal bins outside the undercroft parking area. There are bins on both sides of the undercroft. These bins are emptied on Mondays.

Please do not over fill the bins.

This can attract rats and other vermin. Also if the bins are too full, the collectors will not empty them and we all may have to pay extra for the collection.

Other items for disposal

These must either be taken to one of the MK Council community recycling centres (the closest one is at Bleakhall), or you can arrange with the Council for them to collect particularly large and awkward items.