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Latest News From Campbell Heights

January 2020   Green Bin collection paused.

The council have paused the green bin collection due to staff shortages.  Any food and garden waste should be put into the black bins.  The green bins have been taped up until the collections are re-started.  

December 2020   AGM Date announced - 4 July 2021

The CHMC board has agreed the date of the next AGM - Sunday 4th July 2021 at 2pm.   We are hoping to be able to revert to the AGM being held at the front of Enterprise Lane with refreshments provided.   This is conditional on COVID restrictions and the weather!!!   Alternative venue will be via Zoom.

24 November 2020   Web page update

The section on Rubbish and recycling has been updated today to reflect recent changes in Milton Keynes Council practice and guidance.


05 November 2020   Autumn Rodents and Bins

There has been a noticeable rise in rodent activity around the city centre.  Colder weather and lockdown reduced food waste has forced rodents to search harder for food.  Please be aware that any food left out and any rubbish bin lids not closed will encourage rodents to move within our development.  So, please ensure that any rubbish is broken down so that rubbish bin lids are shut.  

Please note regarding the bins:  We are still finding rubbish being placed in the wrong bins.  This is running the risk that the bins may not be emptied by the council if it continues.  There are guidance notices in the bin area and further information is available on the MK Council website.

27 September 2020  Autumn Leaves

It is the time of year when leaves will fall from trees, especially with the winds we are having at the moment.  In these conditions, we encourage residents to clear leaves from drainage grates and manhole covers to reduce pooling of rain water.  Also checking of the drainage system onto and from your balcony is advised, clearing leaves if they are forming around these areas.  

14 September 2020  Holiday Season Over?

Schools are now back, and so is the CHMC board!!!  Regular web updates will start again including 'Winter preparation', 'Rodents' , top tips and loads more.  Watch this space!!

02 August 2020  Website Returns

The website has taken a few weeks off while it has been moved to a new server.  It is now back up and running.  With the new server, there is opportunities to improve access speed.  There may be further smaller down times in the future as this work and other general maintenance work is performed. 

06 July 2020   AGM Minutes

Following an eventful ZOOM AGM on 5 July 2020, the minutes are now available in the 'CHMC Documents' page.  Apologies for the abrupt ending to the meeting - Zoom has no tolerance! If your attendance was not logged in the minutes then please let us know via

22 June 2020  Door entry system update

It has been brought to peoples attention that the entrance door is being opened using a key code which is reserved for Emergency and postman access only.  This code will be changed on Friday 26th June 2020.  For security reasons, all residents should be using keys.  If the code is known then our security is reduced, especially if it is passed on to others. If you are in a 3 bed property or an apartment and require key(s) then you can order through Keyholders - 01908 640100.  If you see anybody using a code to release the doors then please contact a board member or Keyholders.  

19 June 2020   CHMC AGM Zoom details

As promised, the AGM this year will be by Zoom.  Fingers are crossed it works.  The meeting joining details are as follows:

Date: Sunday 5 July,  14:00   by ZOOM

Meeting ID:  790 7841 6993

Password:  4BDc1j

Hope to see/hear you then.

19 June 2020   ATTENTION: attempted break-in at Enterprise Lane

There have been reports recently of some thefts of bicycles and car contents occurring on both developments.  Today there was also an attempted break-in at a property on the secure area walkway in Enterprise Lane.  Thankfully the front door is a high specification and, despite repeated kicking, did not give way. The two criminals ran off when confronted.  Please be vigilant with leaving personal property on display and report any suspicious activity.   Keep safe. 

9 June 2020    CHMC AGM update

The board met last week via Zoom and discussed if it would be feasible to have an AGM in the present climate.  As the Zoom meeting was a success it was agreed that we would hold a Zoom meeting on 5 July at 2:00pm to run a virtual AGM.  We hope it will be possible to follow the normal format for AGM business but without the following buffet and gossip.  If you wish to virtually attend the meeting then joining details will be made available soon.

8 June 2020    External Decoration update

The external decoration (jet washing and paintwork) at Enterprise Lane is complete.  There are some replacement handrail to be finished which owners requested as extra private work.  Jet washing at Highbury Lane is complete and the painting is in full flow.  It is estimated to complete within the next week - weather permitting.

21 May 2020   Recycle Bin update

MK Council have asked that items should be loosely placed in the pink bin and not in bags.  This is to avoid the wrong items being placed in the recycle bin and not caught before returning to the recycle centre.  If a 'contaminated' lorry returns with non recyclable items then the whole load is classed as contaminated.  Bags should not be used in the pink bin.  For the four bedroom properties roadside collection, recycle bags will still be collected as normal.

9 May 2020   CHMC AGM update

CHMC board met (virtually) in April and discussed if the AGM could take place on 5 July as previously advertised.  With the present restrictions, the board are considering moving the date to later in the year when we can all meet and eat within any relaxed government restrictions. The next board meeting is scheduled for 3 June where a decision will be made.  Watch this space!! 

8 May 2020   Green Bins Collection to Restart next week

MK Council is resuming collection of the green bins from 11 May 2020.  Campbell Heights collections are weekly on Tuesdays.  Four bed properties can leave their bins at the bottom of their stairs.  Three bed and apartments have 2 communal bins in the undercroft bin area.  Please ensure the correct items are placed in the correct bins.  For guidance, please visit Milton Keynes website -